Alex (killingmotion) wrote,

hellooooo, again, helloooo!!

ive been kind of side tracked lately, so i havent really been keeping up with the updates. the girlfriend is home from college for winter break, so every spare second is spent with her, instead of in front of this screen. its been great, we've done a lot of fun things. we've actually left tracy on a couple of occasions (gasp from the audience). a few other random incedents have occured, such as in the last entry, mentioning the dog eating my tire. i guess ill tell you what happened:

As i approach the house, i hear the faint barking of dogs in the distance, getting louder as i come closer. I realize that it is coming from the house i am delivering the pizza to. I slowly get out of the car, and walk towards the house cautiously, seeing the dogs. There are three of them. One is a rot, one is an ankle biter, the other is some kind of mut. They come up to me and start sniffing my delivery bag, playfully bounding along side me. The man at the house say's, "dont worry, them dogs dont bite". relieved, i walk into the house, put the pizza's on the table, collect my fee, and exit the house. outside is dark and quiet, no dogs in sight. this worries me slightly. i walk towards my car, checking the area with keen eyes. as soon as i close my door, the dogs come out, barking insanely. they start circling my car, making it difficult to back out of the driveway. knowing i have to get the dogs away if i wanted to get out of there, i honked my horn. nothing. persistent little bastards. i reved my engine to see if that would work, and one of the dogs must have either panicked or thought i was growling back, so it lunged at my car, grabbed hold of the tire in its mouth and started shaking my entire car violently. this goes on for about 2 to 3 minutes, until finally i get out of the driveway and back onto the road. still the dogs follow me, circling my car, so that im only going about 3 miles per hour in little spirts. they go about 100 feet down the road with me, then all of the sudden, they disperse back towards the house. finally, i think, but my car is driving very bumpy. maybe its the road, i am out in the country side. its not the road. the dog had chewed up my tire so much that it had popped it. so i drove on it just to get a little distance between me and the house. i get back onto the main road, pull over and put on my emergency flashers, then i call my boss to see if he can bring a flashlight so that i can fix the spare.
the end....or is it?

anyways, when it happened, i almost crapped myself, but looking back on it, its probably a story ill tell for a long, long time. its acually kinda humorous. yeah the dogs dont bite people, but they bit the crap out of my god damn car.
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